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Niroot Puttapipat,: Pictura: Faeries: 7

Pictura: Faeries: 7


Pictura is a stunning range of black-and-white artworks to collect and colour, for ages 9 to 90. In Faeries, young artist Niroot Puttapipat has created a beautiful woodland scene of elves, sprites, faeries and other mythical creatures. After colouring this in, consumers are invited to take the next creative step and copy Niroot's work, using a gridded drawing activity on the back of the concertina.

He thought I'd forged my mom's name on the slip. How stupid is that? On this thing Mom just made Pictura: Faeries: 7 download ebook pdf a kind of squiggly shape on the page. That jerk didn't even think about what he was saying, didn't even ask himself why her signature might be weird. He's one of those people who think illiteracy is like AIDS. It only exists in Africa. A box of sturdy stencil cards with over twenty simple Christmassy shapes to choose from. Shapes include Santa, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, a star, bells, an angel and a snowflake. Easy to use and perfect for home-made cards, pictures and wrapping paper. Syaoran and his companions continue their inter-dimensional travels in order to restore the memories of Princess Sakura and this time, they find themselves having adventures in two exciting and mystery-filled worlds. They first come to Jade Country a cold, snow-coveredland where the town of Spirit lives in fear of the legend of a 300 year-old princess who has been stealing the townspeople s children.Following this, our worlds-spanning adventurers find themselves in Oto, where to earn money, they become hunters of demonic creatures called Oni. Will they be able to find more pieces of Princess Sakura s fragmented memories as they continue on through new and increasingly perilous worlds?"

Author: Niroot Puttapipat,
Number of Pages: 16 pages
Published Date: 01 Oct 2013
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Country: Surrey, United Kingdom
Language: English
ISBN: 9781848779846
Download Link: Click Here


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